Arand, Castor


Its annual or perennial plants are cultivated or grown wild in forests at heights of 600 ft the oil extracted from its seeds kernel is an excellent purgative in is a beneficial herb for dermatoses and is also analgesic it can be used as a medicinal herb to cure constipation and other gastric disorders in the case of piles and fistula in the anus cooked seeds soften the stool and relieve the misery in addition to its medicinal value it is also nutritive it is of two types –red and white also some trees produce large seeds and some small the oil from the large seeds is used for burning [in lamps ] , that from small seeds is used in medicines.


These are annual plants, 8-15 ft tall and thin the stem is greenish white and smooth ; the branches are greenish white and of medium size like sticks the leaves are broad with 7-11 cleavages the leaf stalk is usually one foot long and hollow.


Castor cures cough gastric disorders, swelling and oedema and relieves body it is penetrative, lubricating, anthelmintic, dermatoses and antipyretic.


It helps the flow of body fluids and is beneficial for skin. It suppresses vata, kapha, increases sex impulse, retards ageing.



  1. Due to dust in the eyes: use castor oil to eyeliner the eyes. It cause watering of eyes which actually rinses the eyes. Put 3 drops of castor oil in eyes. It releases the impurities from the eyes and in kukunak (eye disease characterized by inflammation of eye in new born child) disorders it reduces the impact of the disorder.
  2. Prepare poultice of castor oil with barley flour and tie on the eyes. It cures the swelling in eyes due to pitta.


When the milk production stops in woman and small knots/tumours are formed in the breast, take 500 gm castor oil leaves and boil them for an hour in 30 liters of water. Put the warm water for 16 – 25 minutes on the breasts. Use castor oil to massage the breasts and tie cake of grinded leaves on the breasts. The knots dissolve and the milk production starts.


  1. Apply castor oil all around the breasts. It rejuvenates the skin.
  2. Grind 3 castor oil seeds in vinegar and apply the paste on breasts. It cures the swelling.


  1. In case a pregnant woman suffers from jaundice in the early stages, give 15 gm juice of castor oil leaves every morning for 6 day. It cures jaundice and also cures the swelling.
  2. Take 6 gm juice of its leaves and mix peepal powder in it. Give this to the patient as nasya or eyeliner. It cures jaundice.
  3. Give 5 ml juice of its root in 350 ml milk to the cures jaundice.
  4. Give 80 ml decoction of its root with 3 teaspoonful honey mixed in it.


Take 5 gm extract of its leaves and mix equal quantities of oil and jiggery. Give this to the patient. It cures cough.


  1. Grind the kernel of its seeds and cook in 5 times of the cow milk. When the milk thickens, mix 2 part of raw sugar in it or mix sugar syrup and prepare jam. Give 17 gm of this to the patient regularly. It eradicates the gas in the stomach.
  2. In case of severe stomach pain, every night before going to bed, give 1 lemon’s juice in 120ml warm water with castor oil mixed in it.

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