babulBotanical Name: – Acacia Nilotica

Family Name: – Mimosaceae

Sanskrit Name: – Barbar, Ajameghya


Babul bark and gum are quite popular and are also sold as medicine. Actually babul is grown in deserts. Its leaves are very small and stipule get converted into thorns. There are many thorny plants in nature but babul has got quite a good amount of recognition and has been mentioned in our literature. In the summer, the trees bear yellowish flowers which grow in round bunches and in winters the tree bears pod. The trees are average, medium sized. The bark of the tree is brown in color, dry and form cracks in length. The branches are round, soft and bent. The pod is 3-6 inch long.


It cures kapha and pitta. Its gum is vatta and pitta shamak, cures urinary disorders, swelling, pain and bleeding of uterus. It has a binding effect on stools. It promotes physical strength. The pod is anthelmintic, anti- dermatitis and relieves burning sensation.


  • GUNA (Quality) – Guru, Ruksha
  • RASA (Taste) – Kashay
  • VIPAK (Metabolism) – Katu
  • VIRYA – (Potency) – Sheet
  • PRABHAV(Impact) – Stambhan


Leaf, Fruit, Niryaas


  • Cough
  • Micturitive
  • Rakta-pitta shamak
  • Coolant
  • Excretes out toxins
  • Cough


Eye disorders:-

Grind it soft leaves and put 1 – 2 drops of the extract in the eyes, or tie it with woman’s milk on the eyes. It cures swelling and pain in eyes.

Stomatitis: –

Gargle 1-2 times with decoction of its bark. It helps cure mouth disorders. Also, sucking a piece of gum is beneficial in curing mouth disorders.


Burn the peel of its pod and almonds and brush with the ash. It cures tooth ache.

Use the soft branches to brush the teeth. It strengthens the teeth and cures all type of teeth infection.

Throat problems:-

Take equal quantities of its leaves, bark and the bark of banyan tree. Soak them in one glass of water. Use this solution to gargle.

Burning sensation:-

Give its bark’s decoction with sugar candy mixed in it.

Abdominal and stomach related disorders:-

Prepare pickle of its inner bark and give 1 – 2 gm of this with butter milk. As the diet, give butter milk.

Loss of appetite:-

Prepare pickle of its soft pods mixed with rock salt. It improves the taste.


Mix equal quantities of its flower powder and sugar candy. Give 5 gm of this powder to the patient three times a day.


Take 7-9 leaves and grind them with small amounts of cumin seeds and pomegranate. Add a piece of hot brick in it. Give 1teaspoonful of this solution, 1-2 times a day.

Mucous diarrhea:-

Take 7-9 leaves and grind them with small amounts of cumin seeds and roasted cumin seeds. Give 5gm of this mixture orally at night.

Blood dysentery & diarrhea: –

Take 1 teaspoon juice of its leaves and give to the patient with honey, 1-2 times a day.

Dysentery: –

Take 1 teaspoonful of the juice of its leaves and add a little amounts of barad powder in it. Give this to the patient followed by butter milk.

Ulcer/ wound:-

Paste of its leaves heals the wounds. It also cures swelling due to heat.


  • Fruit churna : 3-6 gm,
  • Niryaas : 3-6 gm ,
  • Leaf juice : 50-100 ml


Excessive usage of babul may be harmful to chest. It may also damage kidney.


Vanpbsha reduces babul’s effect. Indian anti rose and sandal wood reduces the effect of its gum.

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