Burning neuropathy


Burning neuropathy is characterized by burning sensation, especially in the feet. Diabetes mellitus is the most common identifiable cause of burning neuropathy.

Metabolic factors such as:-

  1. High blood glucose
  2. Long duration of diabetes
  3. Abnormal blood fat levels
  4. Possibly low levels of insulin

Burning neuropathy can be in the following conditions:-

  1. Thyrotoxicosis
  2. Liver failure
  3. Renal failure
  4. HIV
  5. Drug toxicity

Burning sensation in the feet is also seen in rare condition in some of the infectious diseases, such as leishmaniasis, where the neurologic change occurs secondary to bacteria.

The line of Treatment :- Bahirniasya Kostagni Cititsa


  1. Dhanvantaram – 60ml twice daily before food.
  2. Draksadi – 60ml twice daily before food.
  3. Maharasnadi  – 60ml twice daily before food.
  4. Guducyadi – 60ml twice daily before food.


  1. Kaisora guggulu – 2tablets twice daily after food.
  2. Trphala guggulu- 2 tablets twice daily after food.
  3. Yogendra rasam – 1 tablet twice daily after food (dabur, imcops)

Tailam (Internal):-

  1. Ksirabala 7 avarthi tailam- 1 teaspoon with milk at night after food.
  2. Narayana tailam – 1 teaspoon with milk at night after food.

External therapies:-


  1. A ragvadadhi ganam
  2. Padmakadi curnam


The following oils that possess pitta samana properties are selected for abhyanga:-

  1. Ksirabala
  2. Vatasini tailam
  3. Pinda tailam
  4. Yastimadhu oil
  5. Narayana tailam


  1. Pinda tailam
  2. Murivenna
  3. Narayanna tailam
  4. Vatasini tailam

Ksira dhara:-

  1. Bala ksira kasayam
  2. Guduci ksira dhara


  1. Madhutailika yapana vasti
  2. Bala Guducyadi vasti
  3. Ksira vasti


  1. Abhraka sendhuram  – 1 pinch with honey twice daily after food

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