Eladi Gutika

INGREDIENT                                 PART                                                INDICATION                                 DOSAGE


6 gm
6 gm
6 gm
24 gm
48 gm
48 gm
48 gm
48 gm
48 gm

chardi (vomiting)
hikka (hiccups)
kasa (cough)
svasa (asthma)
bhrama (illusion)
murccha (syncope)
rakta pitta (epistaxis)
rakta nisthivana (heametemesis)
jvara (fever)
trsna (thirst)
aruci (anorexia)
parsava sula (pain in lateral chest reigon)
sosa (emmaciation)
pliharoga (spleenic disoders)
amavata (rheumatoid arthritis)
svarabheda (hoarsness of voice)
ksata ksaya
sukra ksaya (oligospermia)

2 gm to 4 gm

Method of Preparation

The drugs of plant origin are dried and made into fine powders, separately. The minerals are made into bhasma or sindura, unless otherwise mentioned, kajjali is made first and other drugs are added, one by one, according to the formula. These are put into a khalva and ground to a soft paste with the prescribed fluids. When more than one liquid is mentioned for grinding, they are used in succession. When the mass is properly ground and is in a condition to be made into pills, sugandha dravyas, like kasturi, karpura, which are included in the formula, are added and ground again. The criterion to determine the final stage of the formulation before making pills is that it should not stick to the fingers when rolled. Pills may be dried in shade or in sun as specified in the texts. In cases, where sugar or jaggery is mentioned, paka of these should be made on mild fire and removed from the oven. The powders of the ingredients are added to the paka and briskly mixed.

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