The plant is known as amrita which means one that never dies it is a creeper like thick bush and is found heights upto 1000 ft above sea level. Its stem is quite thick and looks like rope. Several aerial roots grow from the soft stem and branches. It has yellow and green flowers that grow in bunches. The leaves are soft and similar to those of betel the fruits are like peas. In India, it is found in Kumayun to Assam, Burma, Bihar, Cancan to Karnataka and Ceylon. It clings to trees and whatever tree it climbs on it acquires the properties of that tree. That is why tinospore that grows on neem tree is considered to be the best.


Tinospora is typically found in forests, at raised boundaries of agricultural fields, on rocks where it ceerps up like a serpent. It is also found on mango and neem trees. The leaves are alternating and are heart- shaped like betel. They are alternating and smooth; the outer layer is very thin and one can see the meshes inside; the stalk is 1-3 inch long. There flowers grow in summer in small yellow bunches. The seeds are white, smooth and a little bent lik`e those of chili.


It cures tridosas. Being unctuous, it control vata, bening bitter and astringent, it controls kapha and pitta. It is anti-dermatoses, relives pain, Quenches thrist, control vomiting.


Eye Problems:-

  1. Take 11.5gm juice of Tinospora and mix 1gm each of honey and rock salt in it. Apply this in eyes. It cures cataract, sclera itching and sclera & corneal disorder.
  2.  Prepare decoction of Tinospora juice and triohala. Mix peepal powder and honey in it and give this to the patient every morning and evening. It improve the eyesight.


  1. In case of vomiting due to travelling in sun or due to pitta, give 10-15 gm Tinospora juice with 4-6 gm sugar mixed in it to the patient every morning and evening.
  2. Give 125-250 ml of tinospora with 15-30 gm honey mixed in it thrice a day. It cures even the severe vomiting.

Ear Wax:-

Grind tinospora in water and warm the water put 2 drops twice daily in ears . it cleanses the ears.


Give nasya of powder of tinospora and ginger root. It stops hiccoughs. Or prepare hima of tinospora and ginger root powder and give this to the patient mixed in milk.


  1. Give 20-30 gm of its decoction with 2 teaspoonful honey mixed in it 3-4 times a day.
  2. Grind its 10-20 leaves and mix in a glass of butter milk. Strain the solution and give this to the patient in the morning. It cures jaundice.
  3. Prepare garland of its small pieces and let the patient wear it. This is also beneficial in curing jaundice.


  1. Take equal quantities of spreading hogweed bark of neem patol patra, ginger root, katuki, tinospora, darubaridra and barad. Take 20 gm of this mixture and boil in 320 ml water till water is reduced to 80 ml. Give 20 ml of this decoction to patient every morning and evening. It cures swelling stomach disorders pain in the flanks bronchial asthma and anaemia.
  2. Take 1 litre tinospora juice 250 gm paste of stem bark 4 litre milk and 1 kg buffalo ghee. Cook the mixture on low heat till only ghee is left. Strain the solution and store. Give 10 gm of this ghee in 40 ml cow milk every morning and evening. It cures jaundice anaemia and chronic jaundice.

Fever With Bodyache:-

Take equal quantities of root bark of bilwa, Arani, Gambhai and Tinosopra, Indian gooseberry and coriander. Give 20-30gm decoction of these item twice a day.

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