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Harad tree is hilly areas and forests up to heights of 5000 ft basically it is found in lower Himalayan areas from ravi banks to western Bengal, assam and in the forests of high land areas. The tree is 80-100 ft tall and very thick according to sushrat and charak samhitas, harad is of 6 types.


The trunk of the tree is very long and is 7-1 ft thick. The bark is dark brown. Leaves are 4-9 inch long and 3-5 inch wide, hanging down in clumps, and oval in shape. The shape is very similar to that of malmbar nut. The stem of the leaves has two knots at the apical end. Leaf has are 7- 9 pairs of veins. The flowers are small, yellowish and grow on long white clusters.


The fruit has 25-33 tannin. Most important of salts of tannin are addition, 17 amino acids and small amounts of phosphoric, scenic, quininc and shikimik acids. As the fruit ripe, the quantity of tannin decreases, the amount of toxins increases.


It is dry, warm ,slightly sweet and cures tridosas. It is bitter, an astringent and so cures pitta and cough. Because of its salts, it is beneficial in curing gastric problem. It is dry and warm and promotes digestion and intelligence. It is beneficial for eyes and health and promots longevity. It promotes physical strength and cures gastric problem. It is beneficial for bronchial astma, breathlessness, urinary disorders, piles, dermatoses, sprue and irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, flatulence, ulcers and wounds. It also helps cure fatigue, hiccoughs, throat and heart related disorders, anaemia, pain, tympanitis, jaundice and other liver disorders.



Grind its seed with warm and apply the paste on forehead. It cures migraine pain.


Crush and soak 20 pieces of big harad bark in water for three days under the sun. On fourth day, crush the bark and strain the solution and add 11 pieces of big harad bark in it for three days. Mix 600 gm sugar powder in it and prepare squash. Give this to the patient. It cures headache and gastric disorders.

For Teeth:-

Use its powder to brush the teeth it makes the teeth clean and free of any infection.

For Eyes:-

  1. Soak harad in water over night and use this water to rinse the eyes next day morning.
  2. Soak its kernel in water for 12 hours. Then grind them and use this solution as eyeliner. It prevents cataract of eyes.
  3. Grind its bark and apply in eyes as eyeliner. It cures watering of eyes


Prepare harad decoction and medicated ghee. Give this to the patient. It cures giddiness and faintness.


Give 3-6 gm harad everyday. It is useful in releasing phlegm in case of severe and infected cough.

Mouth Problem:-

Boil 11 gm harad in half litre water till water is reduced to 1/3. In the remaining decoction, add some alum and give this solution to gargle. Keep this water in mouth for some time. It cures mouth and throat related problem and also controls bleeding in mouth and throat.


  1. Prepare decoction with harad, leaves of Malabar nut, raisin, green cardamom and mix honey and sugar in it give this to the patient in small quantities after short intervals it controls cough bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
  2. Prepare powder with equal quantities of harad and ginger root give 2-5 gm of this powder with warm water to the patient every morning and evening. It cures bronchitis asthma and jaundice.


  1. Rinse the wound with its decoction. It shrinks the wound.
  2. Mix 1-2 gm harad ash with 5-10 gm butter and apply it on the wound.

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