INGREDIENT                                 PART                                                INDICATION                                 DOSAGE

sudha suta
svarna bhasma
sulva bhasma
kumari svarasa


sannipata jvara (p.u.o)

125 mg

Method of Preparation

Item nos 1-4 to be triturated with the svarasa of kumari for seven days, and a conical pottali should be prepared and it should be given a blunt conical shape. On drying it should be securely tied up in a silken cloth on which sulphur is smeared and hung from a rod to be suspended in a dolayantra containing moten sulphur on a low fire till the sulphur assumes slightly bluish colour and the contents of the pottali show signs of hardness on being tapped upon the wall of the yantra. The pottali is then removed alongwith the rod and allowed to naturally cool. Thereafter the silken envelope is carefully detached and pottali cone cleaned up to remove any encrustation of excess sulphur or cloth and preserved in closed bottles.

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