Urethritis is defined as the inflammation of the urethra. Urethra is a tube that carries urine from bladder to outside of the body. Urethritis results in increased urge of urination and pain while urinating. It is mainly caused due to bacterial infections that enter into urinary tract through urethra. It affects people of all the age groups. However, females are prone to develop this infection as compared to males.


  • Bacterial and fungal infections. Primary infection from sexually transmitted diseases causing germs like Gonococcus, Chlamydia etc.
  • E coli infection
  • Intake of certain chemicals
  • Radiations
  • Injuries
  • Fewer intake of fluids during winter season
  • Stone formation in the urinary tract
  • Excess intake of alcohol
  • Retention of urine for a long period of time which is commonly seen in women and especially in long journeys
  • Intake of excessive steroids
  • Sharing of public toilets often lead to urethritis in females as infection generally spreads quickly due to short length of the urethra.
  • Sharing of under garments
  • Living in unhygienic conditions


  • Pain in urethra while urination
  • Burning sensation in the urethra after passing urine
  • Fear while passing urine
  • Irritation in the urethra
  • Frequent urge of urination in females
  • Abdominal pain
  • Abnormal Discharge from urethra and vagina
  • Blood in semen and urine in men
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Mild to moderate rise in the temperature with chills and rigor


According to Ayurveda, urine elimination is the function of the apana vayu. Apana vayu gets vitiated due to excessive intake of food, indigestion, over exertion, excessive alcohol consumption, dryness in the body due to food or climatic changes and due to intake of certain substances that increase the natural heat in the body.

Line of treatment according to Ayurveda in this condition is:-

  1. Removal of infection using internal detoxification of the diseases
  2. Removing of blockages
  3. Cleaning of the urinary tract
  4. Toning the kidneys
  5. Normalizing the functioning of the apana vayu

Single herbs that are recommended in this case are:-

  • Punarnava
  • Gokshura
  • Varuna
  • Guggulu
  • Pashanbheda
  • Marich
  • Vacha
  • Mustak
  • Khadir
  • Giloy
  • Daruharidra
  • Shilajit
  • Kush
  • Kaash
  • Nala
  • Darbha
  • Ikshu

Ayurvedic formulations recommended in this case are:-

  • Chandraprabha Vati
  • Kaishore Guggulu
  • Punarnavadi Guggulu
  • Gokshuradi Guggulu
  • Varunadi kwatha
  • Panchguna Churna
  • Yavakshara Churna
  • Sheetprabha Vati


  • Drink adequate quantity of water and other liquids every day. It is the most effective way to wash out germs from the body.
  • Avoid spicy dishes, onions, beans, strong tea and coffee, alcohol, cold drinks and chocolates.
  • Juice of Punarnava is highly beneficial in this condition.
  • Take in juice of Pashanbheda with powder of Gokshur in urethritis.
  • Have cold milk with plenty of sugar in it.
  • Tea is a very good diuretic and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Have coconut water. It is again very useful in urethritis.
  • Grate increased quantity of garlic on meals/ salads/soups. Garlic is a natural potent antibiotic that assists in eliminating the bacteria infesting the urethra.


  • Drink a cup of ginseng tea in the early morning. This helps in flushing the infection out of the body.
  • Squeeze half a lemon in warm water. Drink this two or three times a day. Lemon will help break down the stones thereby cleaning the kidneys.
  • ¬†Take either of celery seeds, gravel root, parsley and stone root. Place it in boiling water and reduce it to one-fourth. Take a tablespoon of this in a day.
  • Take in 2-3 bowls of yoghurt every day. Yoghurt contains live bacteria that help in increasing the count of good bacteria as compared to the bad. Healthy or good bacteria reduce the risk of infection.
  • Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Rinse the opening of urethra with this solution. This is useful in eliminating the acidity of the urine and therein, the bacteria.
  • Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of honey to it. Mix it in a glassful of water. This helps in eliminating the accumulated bacteria in the urinary tract.


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