Linseed, Alasi, Flex Seed


All over India Linseed (Alasi, Flex Seed) is grown along with Rabi crop. It is also grown in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 6000 ft. The linseed color and size vary from place to place. White, yellowish- red and slightly brown are the various colours of linseed. The variety that is grown in warmer areas is said to be of the best quality. Linseed is used for extracting oil from the seeds and fiber from the branches.


This annual plant is 3-5 inch tall, straight, and soft. The leaves are striped and spear- like in shape with a pointed tip, the part containing the fruits has three compartments. The flowers are pretty sky blue. The fruits are nipple shaped with five chambers. Each chamber has two shining flat dark brown seeds.


The seeds contain a stable oil which constitutes mainly glycerides and fatty acids of linolic, and linolenic acids. Seeds also contain a poisonous glucoside, which is why when animals consume linseed, they die. In addition, the seeds also include proteins, mucilages, and wax like chemicals, a sticky substance, phosphates and sugars. Its ash contains sodium, potassium.


The seed is mildly fragrant, smooth, warm, and pungent. It enhances physical strength and potency. Taken in small quantities it increases urine flow and removes sluggishness. Taken in large quantities it is purgative and cures many diseases but affects eyesight.



Grind the linseed seeds in cold water and apply the paste on forehead. It relieves one of oedema related pain, headache and any wounds in the head.


Take fresh linseed oil and castor oil in equal quantities. Mix the two oils in a copper vessel.Using a copper rod apply the mixture in both the eyes.


Put a few drops of mucilage of linseed oil in the eye. It is beneficial in conjunctivitis or redness of eyes.


Cook linseed with onion juice and put a few drops of it in the ear.It also cures any kind of swelling in the ear.


  1. Soak 5 gm linseed in 60 gm water for 14 hrs and them give this water to the patient to drink soak the seeds in the morning and drink in the evening. Similarly, soak in the evening to drink in the morning. This treatment enhances physical energy when given to the patient. Be careful about following the recommended diet and anything to be avoided.
  2. Take 5 gm linseed powder and boil it in water. Mix 30 gm sugar candy and give the patient. During winters, instead of sugar mix honey. Give this solution to the patient every morning and evening. It helps cure breathing problem.
  3. Take 4 gm linseed and grind them coarse. Soak the ground mixture in 280 gm boiled water and cover it for an hour. After an hour, strain the solution, add sugar and give it to the patient. It helps in softening dry cough and relies the patient. It also purifies urine.
  4. Grind 28 gm linseed and then soak the powder in cold water overnight. Next day morning, strain the solution, heat it till lukewarm, add lemon juice to it and give to the patient. It is beneficial for patients of tuberculosis.
  5. Clean the linseed seeds and then roast on a hot plate at low heat. When it starts smelling of the roasted linseed, add equal amount of sugar to it. In case of cold, give 7 gm of this mixture with hot water, twice a day. It gives great relief and also eradicates any breathing problems.


Take 60 gm of roasted linseed seed powder, 60 gm sugar and 14 gm chili powder. Mix them with honey and prepare tablets of 5-8 gm each. These tablets must be taken min the morning (4 gm tablet for children and 7gm tablet for adults). It cures all kapha related disorders. Do not drink water till 6 hour after taking the tablets.


  1. Take 50 gm linseed and 6 gm. liquorice. Grind them coarse. Mix the two with 370 gm water in an earthen pot and cook it on low heat. When 60 gm of water is left, strain the solution and mix 4 gm kalami shored in it. Give 30 gm. of this solution to the patient at an interval of 3 hours. This helps in curing urinary disor- der. This mixture can be prepared in large quantities and can be used for 12- 16 days.
  2. Take equal quantities of linseed and mulethi and grind them. Take 50- 60 gm of grinded powder in an earthen pot and add 2 kg boiled water to it. Cover the pot for an hour and then strain the watern and add 25- 35 gm kalami shora in it. Store the mixture in a bottle. Give 26 -20ml of this mixture to the patient at an interval of 4 hours. Within 24 hours, the treatment brings relief from various urinary disorders like burning sensation, inconsistent urine flow, blood in urine, formation of pus.

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