Nirgundi, Vitex Negundo


“NIRGUDATI SBAREERAM RAKSHBATI ROGEBHYAB TASMAD NIRGUDI”, means: that which protects the body from diseases is known as nirgudi. Wild Nirgundi plants are found almost everywhere. When its leaves are crushed they emit a typical foul smell. It is a very famous medicnal herb for vata related problem. Based on flower types, there are two varieties of this plant – blue and white flowered. Blue flowered plant is called nirgudi, but the white flowered plant is called siduwar.


Its 6-12 feet tall, multi branch bushy plant is covered with very fine hairs. The bark of stem is thin and the leaf stalk is long and 3-5 leaves grow at its tip. The edges of the leaves are plain or serrated. The flowers are small in 2-3 inch long inflorescence and are blue or white with purple tint. The fruits are small, round, and of mixed colour white and back. The bark of the root is green outside and yellow inside.


It suppresses kappa vata, alleviates vata and relieves pain. It enhances intellect. Its paste when applied externally, relieves pain, cures oedema and swelling, and cleanses and heals ulcers and wounds. It is anthelmintic and kills worms and micro organisms. When used internally, it is anti-pyretic and cures bronchial asthma. It cures urinary problems and due to its warmth it is emmenogogue. It is anti- dermatoses and cures itching. It is anti- physical strength. It cures eye and nose related disorders and cures otorrhoea.


Mental Disorders:-

Give 2-4 gm powder of its fruits, 2-3 times a day. It cures disorders of nasal passages and mind.


Grind its leaves and prepare cake of the paste and tie it on ear lobes. It cures headache.

  1. Use its decoction for gargles. It cures all the throat and mouth related disorders.
  2. In case of boils in mouth, apply its oil on tongue, mouth and lips. Also mix oil in lukewarm water and keep this water in mouth for some time.
  3. In case of sourness and swelling of throat, mix its oil in slightly warm water to gargle. It cures the throat problems.
  4. Use its oil on lips to cure the cracks and dryness of lips.

Ear Problems:-

In case of pus in ear, put 1-2 drops of its medicated oil mixed with honey, in the ear.

Multinodular Tuberculosis:-

Grind its paste and take its nasya. It cures multiondular tuberculosis.

Teething in children:-

Tie its root in child neck. It causes early teething in the child.


Boil its 20 gm leaves in 400 ml water till water is reduced to ¼. In the resulting decoction add 2 gm peepal powder and give 10-20 gm of this decoction to the patient , 2- 3 times a day. It cures fever, chronic rhintic and deafness.

Chronic Rhinitis Arthritis:-

Boil its 10 gm leaves in 100ml water and give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures fever, chronic rhinitis and arthritis.

Digestion Power:-

In case of swelling of the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind and stomach pain, give 10 ml juice of its leaves with 2 black peppers and ajowan, every morning and evening. It enhances the digestion power and relieves the stomach pain. It helps to release the gas and cures swelling of the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind.

Menstrual Cycle:-

In case of irregular or incomplete menstrual cycle give 2 gm powder of its seeds every morning and evening. It normalizes the menstrual cycle.

Diseases of Liver:-

In case of malaria fever if the liver of the patient enlarges, give 2 gm powder of nirgudi with 1 gm black myrobalan and 10 gm cow urine or give 2gm Nirgudi powder with 500mg black kutki and 500mg rasot, every morning and evening.

Fever Due to Cough and Swelling of Lungs

In case of fever due to cough and swelling of lungs, give juice of its leaves or give decoction of its leaves with 1gm peeper powder mixed in it, to the patient.

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