Vaid Gurbachan Singh
Vaid Gurbachan Singh – He was well known vaid for their services at that time. He use to follow ayurvedic ethics and fundamentals in their treatment to cure mankind. He devoted his whole life in curing people by mean of ayurveda.
Vaid Bhagat Singh
Vaid Bhagat Singh – He is registered practioner of ayurveda. He is practicing ayurved since 1960 and providing his services to people. Under the roof of Sewak Davakhana situated in Amargharh Disst Sangroor. He given same discipline of ayurveda to his son vaid Jagjit Singh who is well recognised personality of ayurved jagat. Now he is walking on footsteps of his father and he is providing his services to people in Chandigarh and all over world.
Vaid Partap Kaur
Vaid Partap Kaur – She belong to family who devoted there life to ayurveda. She is daughter of Vaid Gurbachan Singh who devoted his full life in ayurveda practices. By his experience and practice. He was famous vaid in that time. He taught ayurveda to his daughter Vaid Partap Kaur. Later on she get married to Vaid Bhagat Singh and start giving her services under the same roof of Sewak Dava Khana.
Sarbjeet Kaur
Sarbjeet Kaur – She is wife of Vaid Jagjit Singh and devoting her time to Chandigarh ayurved centre as a managing director (M.D) of centre. She is providing her innovative ideas and work to centre and manage whole centre by keeping in mind that centre should achive the goals set by Vaid Jagjit Singh.

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