Paan Patta

Paan Patta, Betel Leaves


The plant is grown in warm and humid regions, especially in areas of Sanchi, Mahoba, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Lanka and Malawa’s Rampura-Manpura. Betel of Banaras is considered to be of the best quality.


The original climbing vine of betel is very pretty and soft. The stem is strong and thick at the knots. The leaves are big like those of peepal and are heart shaped with veins: they are smooth and thick with a one inch long stem. The flower bunch is spiked. The fruits are 2inch long, muscular and there are many small fruits in axial group hanging down.


Dhanvantari nighantu has described 13 properties of betel which are not available even in heaven. Betel is hot, sour, pungent bitter, sweet and alkaline; it cures vatic disorders, cough and pain. Its oil cures cough and throat, mouth and air passage related disorders.



Tie betel on ear lobes. It cures the headache due to gastric problems.


Give betel juice with milk to cure anxiety in women.


Put drops of betel juice in eyes. It is beneficial in curing night blindness.


  1. In case of weakness and pain of heart, its use is beneficial. To improve the functioning of heart, instead of digitalis, betel can be administered.
  2. Its squash gives strength to heart. It cures cough and weakened state of digestive fire.


In case of excessive cold, warm a betel leaf and smear it with castor oil and tie it on the chest of the child. It eradicates the impact of cold and also controls the anxiety and uneasiness of child.


Grind its root along with liquorice root and give this to the patient with honey. It cures cold related disorders.


Singers should suck its root to make their voice clear and sweet. Its root is very beneficial to to release any cough deposited in the throat. It is also beneficial in curing voice hoarseness.


  1. In case of breathing problem in diphtheria, give the juice of betel to the patient. It cures the swelling of throat and the cough gets released out of the throat. Also give juice of its 3-6 leaves in lukewarm water for gargles.
  2. Give 2-3ml juice of its leaves with honey. It cures dry cough.
  3. Grind its branch and give this to the patient with honey. When given to children, it gives relief in cold.


  1. When betel leaf is suck, it enhances the production of saliva which further enhances the digestive function. It is beneficial in curing the gas formation in stomach.
  2. People who eat betel are safe from disorders caused due to pollution and moisture in environment.


Give 2.5gm warm extract of betel, 1-2times a day. It cures fever.


Heat the betel leaves and tie them on the swollen area. It relieves the pain and also dissolves the swelling.


Tie betel leaves on ulcers. It helps the wounds heal faster.

Harmful Effects of Betel Leaves

Eating betel is also an addiction. Regular intake causes addiction. When eaten for the first time, the impact on the mind is noticeable, like giddiness, anxiety etc, but when the person becomes habitual and eats betel regularly, these effects go off slowly. When betel is sucked, it causes excessive formation of saliva, which helps in food digestion, but intake of betel in excessive amounts is harmful.

It is strong, warm and excites pitta. Hence, it is not advised in excessive bleeding, traumatic injury to thorax and faintness like pattik disorders. Excess intake of betel reduces appetite. Liver grows weaker day by day.

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