Palash Kshara

INGREDIENT                                      PART                                                  INDICATION                                     DOSAGE

palaash bhasma


agnimandya (dyspepsia)
plihayakrtvrddhi (spleenohepatomegaly)
mutrakrccha (dysuria)
asmari (stones)
grahani (sprue)
anaha (distension)

not available

Method of Preparation

The drug is cut into small pieces and dried well. The pieces are put in earthern pot and burnt to ash. First, a few pieces are put and ignited. As they burn, more and more pieces are added. When all the pieces are burnt and reduced to ash, the ash I allowed to cool. Water is added to the ash in the ratio of 6:1 and mixed well. This is then starined through a piece of cloth. This process of straining may be done two or three times till a clear liquid is obtained.
The liquid is then put in an iron or earthern vessel and heated over a moderate fire till the water evaporates, leaving a solid salty white substance which is collected. This is known as ksara.

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