Panchakarma: The Ayurvedic Science of Detoxification and Rejuvenation


The toxins we consume through food; the toxins we inhale in air and the toxins we generate within due to stress and negative emotions – what according to you these toxins result in? DISEASES! After all, 50 million diabetes patients all around the world; 2 million dying of cancer; every second woman in the age-group of 30 above complaining of hair fall and ever-increasing skin problems ranging from blemishes to acne to dullness; all these health problems trace their root to toxins. The bad News is that you cannot save yourself from the toxins all around and even the ones created within. The GOOD NEWS however is – Ayurveda has a wonderful treatment to detox yourself – Panchakarma.

To explain in detail, toxic material in Ayurveda are known as ‘Dosha’ and Panchakarma embraces FIVE Therapeutic measures that help the body to detox of all dosha. For most of the people, Panchakarma is nothing but Ayurvedic massage but this is where they are wrong. Indeed, Panchakarma includes Abhyangam or Full Body Massage that is quite beneficial to remove toxic elements from your body but it also includes many more treatments that nourish you leave you supple and glowing.

Panchakarma is very effective for rejuvenation of entire body, mind and soul owing to following treatments:-

  1. The first therapeutic measure of Panchakarma is VAMANA which is very effective to cleanse the congestion in lungs. Known as Emesis therapy, Vamana rejuvenates the body getting rid of all the mucus stored within. Vamana cures Kapha dosha and is highly recommended for people suffering from chronic cold and cough, asthma, breathing problems, bronchitis etc.
  2. The second one is VIRECHNA which cures the Pitta dosh and helps to get rid of all toxic elements that effect healthy functioning of Liver and Gall Bladder. One needs to understand that Ayurveda cures the problem from within so if you are experiencing problems in your digestive system or even for skin related problems, Virechna proves very effective.
  3. The third therapeutic treatment in Panchakarma for Rejuvenation involves BASTI or popularly known as Enema. This treatment is very effective for all kinds of digestive disorders, muscles related diseases or even for obesity and sexual or infertility problems. Basti involves using medicated oils or ghee or herbal decoction and cures all three types of dosha – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.
  4. The fourth one, NASYAM, is a wonderful Panchakarma therapy involving nasal administration and breathing helps to get rid of all toxins stored in nose, throat and head. People experiencing problems like hairfall, skin blemishes and sinus should go for multiple sessions of Nasyam spread over a few days.
  5. Fifth one in Panchakarma RAKTAMOKSHANA is an advanced from of treatment where blood is cleansed to treat complex health problems. Only expert Ayurvedic doctors can do Raktamokshana.

After knowing such amazing benefits of Panchakarma, the only thing that holds back people from availing it is the misconception that one has to travel to Kerala to get Panchakarma done. Chandigarh is blessed to have three centres of Chandigarh Ayurved Centre in its vicinity where one can get expert counselling by award-winning Ayurvedic doctors and also avail best Panchakarma treatment.

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