Panchamrit Parpati

INGREDIENT                                      PART                                                  INDICATION                                     DOSAGE

abhrak bhasma-bhasma

96 gm
48 gm
24 gm
12 gm
6 gm

grahani (sprue)
arsa (piles)
chardi (vomiting)
jvara (fever)
aruci (anorexia)
ksaya (tuberculosis)
raktapitta (epistaxis)
netraroga (eye diseases)
agnimandya (dyspepsia)
sukraksaya (olligospermia)

125 mg to 250 mg

Method of Preparation

Kajjali is prepared first with purified mercury and sulphur. Other drugs mentioned in the formula are added one by one and mixed well by trituration in a khalva. The powder is put in an iron vessel and kept over fire in the sikatayantra. A shallow pit in fresh cow dung is made and a kadali leaf or an eranda leaf is spread over the pit. When the medicine melts and becomes liquid it is poured on the leaf carefully. Another leaf is covered over it and fresh cow dung is spread and gently pressed. After it is allowed to cool the flakes of the medicine are collected

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