Alsi (Flaxseed)

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All over India, linseed is grown along with rabi crop It is also grown in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 6000ft. The Linseed colour and size very from place to place. White, Yellowish – red and slightly brown are the various colors of linseed. The variety that is grown in warmer areas is said to be of the best quality. Linseed is used for extracting oil from the seeds and fiber from the branches. This annual plant is 2-4 inch tall, straight, and soft. The leaves are striped and spear – like in shape with a pointed tip; the part containing the fruits has three compartments. The flowers are pretty sky blue.


The seeds is mildly fragrant, smooth, warm and pungent. It enhances physical strength and potency. Taken in small quantities it increases urine flow and removes sluggishness. Taken in large quantities it is purgative and cures many diseases but affects eyesight.



Grind the Linseed seeds in cold water and apply the paste on forehead. It relieves one of oedema related pain, headache and any wounds in the head.


Take fresh linseed oil and in equal quantities. Mix the two oil in a copper vessel using a copper rod apply a mixture in both the eye.


Put a few drops of mucilage of linseed oil in the eye. It is beneficial in conjunctivitis and redness of eye.

Ear Pain:

Cook linseed with onion juice and put a few drops of it in the ear .it also cures any kind of swelling in the ear.


  1. Take 4gm Linseed powder and boil it in water. Mix 15gm sugar candy and give the patient. During winters, instead of sugar mix honey. Give this solution to the patient every morning. It helps cure breathing problems.
  2.  Take 2gm Linseed and grind them coarse. Soak the ground mixture in 200gm boiled water and cover it for an hour, After an hour, strain the solution, add sugar and give it to patient.
  3. Roast the Linseed seeds and give with honey. It helps cure cough.

Urinary Problems:

  1. Take 40gm Linseed and 2gm liquorice. Grind them coarse. Mix the two with 300gm water in an earthen pot and cook it on low heat. When 50gm of water is left, strain the solution and mix 2gm kalami sabora in it.
  2. Drop 4-6 drops of linseed oil in the opining of anus, it is beneficial in curing gonorrhea.
  3. Take 18gm linseed and 6gm liquorice. Crush the two and prepare decoction with 200gm water. Take 20gm of this decoction and mix 5gm sugar candy in it. Give this mixture to the patient at an interval of 2hour, this immediately  cures the burning sensation and purifies urine.

Joints Pain:

Grind linseed with Isabgol and form a paste. Apply this paste. It cures pain in the joints.


Heat Linseed oil and mix with dry ginger powder. Massage with this oil. It brings immediate relief in waist pain.


Apply Linseed oil poultice on the swollen area to bring relief.

Boil, Pimple, Abscess:

  1. Grind Linseed with water and mix with barley Sattu and sour curd. Apply this paste on the boil.  It quickens the healing process.
  2. In case of boils where the patient complains of burning sensation and pain, take roasted linseed and sesame. Boil them in cow’s milk and let the milk cool. Grind the seeds in the same milk to the same milk to from a paste. Apply this paste on boils. It gives immediate relief.


Take equal quantities of pure Linseed oil and water distilled with lime. Mix the two. It changes into white coloured paste. It is commonly known as carron oil. Apply this on the burn area. It immediately relieves the pain. Apply this 1-2 times a day, for a few days to see the results.

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