Bach (Vacha)

Bach, Vacha, Acorus calamus


It is a native of Europe and central Asia. There is no reference available to state that how this plant spread to the Indian soil. Today, its plants are found in Himalayan region at the height of 6000ft. It is commonly found in Manipur and Naga hills and in the lakes of Kashmir, and around the farms. Its dried root or stem is sold in markets with the name of Gboda bach. It many varieties are found. BAL Bach or parseek bacha is the main one.


Its 1-2 ft tall, soft plants are found near water bodies, around the clay soil.Leaves are 1-3 ft long and ½ to 1 inch wide, green in colour with wavering edges. Flowers are small, white and dense. Fruits contain many seeds and are pulpy. Its root or the underground stem, like ginger, is spread in the ground. It is thick like middle finger with 4- 4 mounts, round and wrinkled surface. It is fragrant and hariy and is brown in colour. It leaves are also fragrant. The plant which has strong smell is considered to be of the supreme quality.


It has strong smell and is hot and pungent. It causes vomiting and improves the body fire. It purifies urinary system and has binding properties. It cures swelling of the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind, shool, epilepsy, cough , anxiety, and insect bite. It is antipyrectic and strengthens heart. It is beneficial for throat and cures bronchitis and bronchial asthma.


Its properties are also similar to bach. It is mainly vata related diseases.



  1. Give its powder along with powder of peepal to be inhaled. It cures Suryavrat .
  2. In case of headache , apply the paste of its whole plant on the painful area.
  3. Grind it in water and apply the paste on the forehead. It cures headach.


  1. Give 200 mg powder of its bark with water or   ghee or milk, twice a day for 1 year or atleast 1 month. It enhances the memory powder of the person.
  2. Cook its 5 gm powder with 200 gm powdered sugar and give 5gm of it every morning and evening. It cures the forgetfulness in the person.


Mix its 400 mg powder in milk and give this to the patient thrice a day. It releases the congestion due to deposited phlegm and also cures the throat pain.


Give its powder with peepal powder mixed with honey or Neem oil to be inhaled. It cures the throat pain.


Give 250 mg to ½ gm of its powder sieved through a fine cloth with honey, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in anxiety and epilepsy.


  1. In case of cough in children, grind it in mother’s milk and give this to the patient.
  2. In case of cough in children, grind 120 mg of it in water and give this thrice a day.
  3. Keep its powder in a cloth and let the patient inhale. It cures chornic rhinitis.
  4. In case of asthma patients, to start with , give only 1gm of it and then after every 2 hours, give   500mg of it.


Mix 120 mg ash of its coal in water and give this to the patient.It cures diarrhea in children.


Mix 1 gm of its powder with 80mg roasted asfoetida and give this to the patient. It kills the worms in stomach.


  1. Grind it in water and apply the paste on nose. It cures cough and the accompanying fever.

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