Peela Dhatura

peela dhatura


It is an American herb but is found all over Indian now. When any part of this herb is plucked, it exudes golden colored, yellowish milk. This is why it is named as swarnkshiri (plant with golden liquid).Fruit is quadrangular. It is thorny and cup shaped which contains two small, dark colored mustard like seeds, which when put on burning coal, start roasting with cracking sound. The whole plant has thorns like those in yellow- berried night shade plant.


It cures Kapha and Pitta. Its milk, juice of leaves and seed oil is used to cleanse and heal ulcers and wound and is anthelmintic. Paste of root cures swelling and oedema and is anti-toxin. Seeds relieve pain. Its root and seed oil is purgative. Root juice is blood purifier and milk cures swelling and oedema.Root and its milk also cures high fever. Decoction of the whole plant is anthelmintic and anti-dermatoses. Yellow milk cleanses urine, is anti- dermatoses, cleanses and heals ulcers and wound, cures swelling and oedema and is anti-pyretic.



  1. Mix 1 drops of its milk with 2 drops of ghee and applies this mixture as eyeliner in eyes. It cures dryness of eyes, glaucoma and blindness.
  2. Take 1 gm of its extract and mix it in 40 gm rose water. Put 1 drops of this solution twice a day. It cures swelling of eyes, redness of eyes, haziness of vision, and other ophthalmic disorders.
  3. Put 1 drops of the juice of its leaves in both the eyes. It is also beneficial in curing eye disorders.


Give ½ to to 1 gm powder of its root with warm water or milk, every morning and evening. It helps release the phlegm. Or give 3-4 drops of its yellow milk with sugar.


  1. Take 400 ml juice of its whole plant and boil it. When it thickens, add 50 gm jiggery and 15 gm resin in it. Mix them all and prepare tablets of 200 mg each.Give1 tablet with warm water, thrice a day. It gives considerable relief in asthma.
  2. Prepare decoction of its leaves. Add equal amount of benzoic acid in it and prepare gram- sized tablet. Give 1 tablet, thrice days to the patient. It gives relief to the patient.


Give 1 gm of it twice a day with milk.


Mix 2-4 ml its yellow milk with 9 gm ghee and give this to the patient. It cures stomach pain.


Its oil is purgative and laxative. But it does not have a similar effect on everyone. In some, it may cause2-3 stools while in others it may cause 14 -15, but even if the patient vomits at the start of the treatment, it does not cause weakness.


In case of burning sensation in urinary tract, soak its 15 gm whole plant 150 ml water and prepare its cold or hot infusion. Give this to the patient. It causes excessive urination and cures the burning sensation in urinary tract.


Mix 7-9 drops of its oil in 9 gm tinospora juice and give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures jaundice.


Give25 drops of its oil with 1 gm ginger root. It cures the pain.


  1. Give 4-9 gm of its whole plant, 2-4 times a day. It causes excessive urination and helps release the obstructed water.
  2. Mix 2- 3 gm salt in 4-7 drops of its oil and give this to the patient.


Mix 4 gm juice of its whole plant in milk and give this to the patient, thrice a day. Also, apply its milk on the boils.


Take 1-4 ml of its yellow milk and give this to the patient with butter and kidamari or give 4 ml juice of its leaves with 9 gm ghee, 1-2 times a day. It cures gonorrhea.


Take 1 gm of its bark and heat it with milk of banyan tree.Prepare gram- sized tablets. Give one tablet every morning and evening with betel leaf, for 13 days. It cures impotency.


Apply the juice of its leaves or its oil on the affected area.


Apply its milk on the ulcers. It heals even the severe and incurable ulcers.

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