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Acupressure is a kind of alternative therapy that consists of manual pressure that is used to stimulate specific points on the body along what are considered to be lines of energy.

Procedure – The procedure starts with pressing the acupuncture points in an attempt to help the free flow of energy in the channel. A person has to sit or lie on the table. The therapist applying firm pressure of fingers, palms, elbows to the affected areas for a particular time. Then, a gentle massage is applied over the whole body and a patient is allowed to take a rest for a short while.

Benefits –

  • Relieving stress, tension, and anxiety.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Relaxing muscles and joints.
  • Soothing the pain and discomfort of a sports or other injury.
  • Reducing digestive issues.
  • Minimizing headaches.
  • Alleviating chronic pain.

Facilities for IPD Patients –

  • Consultation with MD Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma procedures are done under his guidance
  • Well-Hygienic Accommodation
  • Daily Routine Examination
  • Daily two sittings of Panchakarma Therapies
  • Everyday all three Ayurvedic Meals are provided


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