Vaidya jagjit Singh has started Chandigharh Ayurved Centre with vision to practice ayurveda in complete traditional and authentic way, to give maximum benefits to patients at affordable rate.

Chandigharh Ayurved Centre is equipped with all facilities, like expert doctors, trained and experienced therapist, quality medicines, spacious treatment rooms. At Chandigharh Ayurved Centre our number one priority is to give maximum health benefits to patients in most pleasing and caring environment their satisfaction is our utmost aim. Ayurvedic Physician at Chandigharh Ayurved Centre do Panchakarma after proper Ayurvedic examination of Patients. Choice of Panchakarma therapy and Medication are depends on Patients age, gender, diseases and it changes according to atmosphere changes.


  • Panchakarma is a sophisticated purifying therapy of Ayurveda.
  • Fivefold therapy, refers to a range of cleansing therapies.
  • Highly personalized based on the needs of the individual, depending on the body type, dosha imbalances etc.
  • Recommended also as seasonal treatment for toning your mind- body system.
  • Purifies the body by draining out of the poisonous substances.
  • Prevents the recurrence of the disease and makes the body healthier.
  • Brings order in digestive system affected by irregular food habits and improves metabolism.
  • Reverses biological age.
  • Provides luster to the skin.

1. Swedana (Steam Bath)

Swedana, Steam Bath

Enjoy the aroma of nature’s bountiful herbs in this full body therapy using the steam of hot herbal decoctions. Available as a combination therapy with Abhyanga.

Rejuvenative: opens up clogged pores, cleanses skin and improves complexion

Curative: painful muscles and joints, arthritis, gout and backache

2. Abhyanga (Traditional Ayurvedic Massage)

Abhyanga, Traditional Ayurvedic massage

A full body massage administered by trained therapists working in complete harmony using warm medicated herbal oils.

Rejuvenative: healthy, glowing skin and good sleep strengthens the body

Curative: arthritis, backache and stress

3. Patra Pinda Sweda (Leaf Bundle Massage)

Patra Pinda Sweda, Leaf Bundle Massage

Pamper yourself with the freshness of herbs packed in pouches, warmed in herbal oils and massaged onto the body.

Curative: muscular pain, inflammation and injuries

4. Shirodhara (Oil Stream Therapy)

Shirodhara (Oil Stream Therapy)

An amazingly relaxing therapy which gently releases stress and tension from the mind and body. Involves the rhythmical pouring of a steady stream of medicated herbal oil on the forehead. Available individually or with Abhyanga.

Rejuvenative: profound peace and happiness and improves memory

Curative: insomnia, mental tension, migraine, tension, headaches, memory improvement, depression and anxiety

5. Pizhichil (Oil Bath)

Pizhichil, Oil Bath

Indulge yourself lavishly as therapists pour warm oil and simultaneously massage your body with rhythmic hand movements.

Rejuvenative: supple skin, calm and relaxed mind

Curative: general weakness, paralysis, nervous disorders, rheumatic ailments and muscle weakness

6. Shashtika Pinda Sweda (Medicated Rice Massage)

Shashtika Pinda Sweda, Medicated Rice Massage

Experience renewed strength and energy with this rich therapy. It involves massage with muslin pouches containing a special type of rice cooked in milk and herbal preparations.

Rejuvenative: enhances complexion, strengthens muscles and nourishes the body

Curative: stiff joints, nervous disorders and improves blood circulation

7. Kati Vasti (Warm Oil Reservoir)

Kati Vasti, Warm Oil Reservoir

An excellent therapy to alleviate stress, pain or swelling in the lower back. Warm medicated oil is poured into an enclosed area of the waist created with a bridge of dough.

Rejuvenative: de-stresses and relieves exhaustion

Curative: relieves low back pain and spinal disorders, relaxes the waist and back

8. Takradhara (Buttermilk Stream Therapy)

Takradhara, Buttermilk stream therapy

This therapy is similar to Shirodhara, but substitute’s herbal oil with medicated buttermilk. Available with Abhyanga.

Rejuvenative: calming and soothing effect on the mind

Curative: skin disorders and insomnia

9. Nasya (Nasal Therapy)

Nasya, Nasal Therapy

A cleansing therapy for the nose and facial parts involving the administration of medicated oil (or herb extracts) through the nose, preceded by a face massage and steam inhalation.

Rejuvenative: gives a glowing and healthy look to the face

Curative: sinusitis, recurrent colds, headache, ear congestion and nasal polyps

10. Sneha Vasti (Oil Enema Therapy)

A medicated oil enema used in Ayurveda to cleanse and purify the colon, and to nourish the body.

Rejuvenative: strengthens and nourishes tissues, and controls dryness of the body

Curative: emaciation, muscular atrophy and nervous disorders

11. Kashaya Vasti (Herbal Enema Therapy)

An excellent enema therapy with herbal preparations aimed at effective removal of excess body waste and toxins from the colon.

Rejuvenative: provides strength and enhances the complexion

Curative: hemiplegia, urinary disorders, abdominal distention and constipation

12. Shirovasti (Oil Reservoir)

Shirovasti, Oil Reservoir

A calming therapy in which lukewarm medicated oils are poured into an enclosed area on the head, and retained for a prescribed period of time.

Rejuvenative: promotes mental clarity and revitalises the body

Curative: facial paralysis, insomnia, hemicrania, chronic and frequent headaches

13. Udvartana (Powder Massage/Obesity Massage)

Udvartana, Powder Massage, Obesity Massage

Herbal powders are massaged onto the body in a rhythmic motion. This therapy is largely recommended for dissolving excess fat, strengthening the body and for healthy skin.

Rejuvenative: cleanses and nourishes skin, provides firm muscle tone and increased circulation

Curative: dissolves excessive fat, and hence beneficial in obesity

14. Pichu (Oil Soaked Cotton Swab)

Pichu, Oil Soaked Cotton Swab

A simple, traditional Ayurvedic treatment using warm oil. The therapy involves placing cotton soaked in medicated oil.

Curative: eye, ear and nose disorders, headache and gynaecological disorders

15. Urovasti (Warm Oil Reservoir)

Urovasti (Warm Oil Reservoir)

Specific treatment of the chest, which entails pouring of warm medicated oil into an enclosed area of the chest created with a bridge of dough.

Curative: chest disorders, alleviates stress and pain in the chest and flanks

16. Karna Poorana (Oil Bath for the Ears)

Karna Poorana, Oil Bath for the Ears

Warm herbal oil (or medicated liquid) is poured into the ears followed by massage around the ears and jaw area. This helps in loosening wax and relieving jaw and neck tension, itching, earaches and headaches.

Curative: itching, dryness, ringing in the ears, earache, gum, teeth and jaw disorders

17. Sarvanga Dhara (Medicated Full-Body Bath)

Sarvanga Dhara, Medicated Full-Body Bath

An invigorating therapy which comprises the pouring of medicated oil, milk or buttermilk over the entire body. Besides having excellent rejuvenating properties, it also gives relief from body ache, sprains and joint pain.

Rejuvenative: strengthens the body, arrests the ageing process and builds up immunity

Curative: nervous disorders, rheumatic diseases, paralysis, skin diseases and spondylitis

18. Netra Vasti (Oil bath for the Eyes)

Netra Vasti, Oil bath for the Eyes

Eyes are bathed with medicated herbal oil or ghee to release the inner tension of the eye sockets, and to soothe dry, wrinkled skin. This treatment is used to IMPROVE EYESIGHT, and to nourish the nervous system through the eyes.

Rejuvenative: relaxes the eyes and gives them a sparkle

Curative: eye strain, vision problems, pain and inflammation of the eyes

19. Janu Basti

Janu Basti

Basti is applied on the knee with warm medicated oil or herbal decoction. It promotes the strength of the knee joint by improving the circulation. Beneficial for pain & osteoarthritis of knee joint.


  • Enjoy a minimum of mental and physical activity during the treatment period.
  • Take meals in a settled atmosphere.
  • Take a light regular diet during Panchakarma.
  • Do not take dry foods. Avoid spicy foods.
  • Go to bed early and don’t keep awake at night.
  • Do not suppress natural urges like urination, etc.
  • Avoid physical exercises, loud and excessive speech, etc.
  • Avoid cycling, riding jerky vehicles, horse riding, etc.
  • Avoid exposure to cold, sun, wind, or rain. Avoid too much air-conditioning especially at night & do not heat your room too much in winter.
  • Avoid becoming angry, anxious, worry, irritable.
  • Avoid excessive walking or sitting. Do not sit or lie down for more than one hour at a stretch.

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