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Murivenna Tailam


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  • CAC Murivenna Tailam is medicated ayurvedic oil, well-known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and analgesic properties which offer absolute remedy for the treatment of inflammation caused due to arthritis, sprains, fractures, muscle cramps, dislocations and other injury-related conditions. The name Murivenna comes from two Malayalam words, ‘Muri / Murviu’ which means ‘Wound’ and ‘Enna’ means ‘Oil’. So, in literal terms, the oil which heals the wound is called Murivenna Tailam.
  • It is also found beneficial in cases of non-healing ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, edema and widely used for relieving pain and inflammations due to injury and restores mobility to joints. Owing to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal activities, it is also highly significant in the case of various fungal infections including ringworm, candida, thrush and fungal infection on nails.
  • Being a powerful analgesic oil, Murivenna Tailam is extensively used for pains like tennis elbow, shoulder dislocation, back pain, post-surgery pains, spondylitis pain and stiffness, slip disc, ligament, tendons, spinal injury, acute soft tissue injury, sports injury, and arthritis.

Ingredients of Murivenna tailam

Each 10ml contains

  • Narikela Taila ( Cocos nucifera) 2 parts
  • Tambula ( Piper betle)                        1 part
  • Sigrupatra ( Moringa oleifera) 1 part
  • Paribhadra ( Erythrina oleifera) 1 part
  • Kanya ( Aloe barbadensis) 1 part
  • Karanja patra(Poegamia pinnata) 1part
  • Buka ( Spermacoce hispida) 1 part
  • Palandu ( Allium cepa )                  1 part
  • Tandulambu( Oryza sativa) 2 parts
  • Satavari (Asparagus racemosus) 38 parts

Description of Ingredients

  • Narikela Tailam:

The abundance of healthful nutrients in the humble coconut oil has made it useful for treating a host of health anomalies since ancient times. Being a powerful pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant, nariyal tailam hold high significance in treating a load of inflammatory conditions, provide relief from burns, wounds and ulcers and even found effective to remove body pain.

  • Tambula:

Imbued with amazing antiseptic properties, the betel leaves are rich in polyphenols especially chavicol offering dual protection from germs. It is also used extensively in treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis and orchitis.

  • Shigru:

Being a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, shigru, well-known as moringa helps to treat the inflammation, pain and swelling brought on by different types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

  • Kanya:

The presence of bioactive constituents in the wonder gel of ghrita kumari or aloe vera has immense anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Be it oral or topical application, the juice or gel is good in case of different types of arthritic pain.

  • Karanja Patra:

The Ropan (healing) and Ushna (hot) potency of the Karanji oil helps to reduce bone and joint pain when applied to the affected area and is therefore beneficial in case of rheumatic arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

  • Plandu:

The bioactive component quercetin found in onions has been found effective in case of inflammation-causing compounds that are released by the cells like leukotrienes, prostaglandins and histamines. This is turn protects one from the pain, swelling and inflammation caused due to different types of arthritis, body pain and joint pain.

  • Tandulambu

Prepared in a coconut oil base, with the addition of Tandulambu (rice water), both of which have cooling properties, Murivenna Oil rapidly helps reduce inflammation and is highly useful in injuries involving pain and swelling. Apart from treating dehydration, constipation, gut anomalies, skin problems, it also helps in removing toxins or Ama doshas from the joints, thus providing relief from pain and inflammation in case of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

  • Shatavari:

Shatavari possesses extensive analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which is pivotal in case of pain, inflammation occurring due to different types of ulcers and wounds. It also helps in tissue regeneration and provides a soothing effect to the skin in case of burns.

Uses of Murivenna tailam

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Relieve congestion in the lungs
  • Promote body detoxification
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Uses in small cuts, bruises
  • In skin ulcers, wounds
  • Promotes skin health
  • Treat sore muscles and joints
  • Reduce Stress & anxiety
  • To treat imbalances in vata dosha.

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