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Vaidya Roopam Singh belongs to a family of Ayurvedic Experts. Both her Father Dr.Vaidya Jagjit Singh (BAMS) and Brother Dr.Vaidya Karanvir Singh (M.D Panchakarma) are Ayurveda expertise. So the knowledge of ayurveda is present in her genes. As a young practitioner, she has a strong personality, and one can feel her aura. She was able to achieve her goals fiercely only because of her mother’s support who is also, Managing Director of CAC Mrs Sarbjeet Kaur. She has very positive and charming personality. The phrase “Beauty with brains ” perfectly suits her.  The knowledge in ayurveda has inherited from her great Grandfather Dr.Vaidya Gurbachan Singh and Grandfather Dr.Vaidya Bhagat Singh. She always shows interest in knowing different type of invention in field of ayurveda, and discovers something new about drugs and formulation. She has vast knowledge in the field of Panchakarma. Her topic of research in post-graduation was in skin disease. So she has upper hand in skin diseases and practice panchakarma in skin diseases. Inspite of being youngest doctor in her family, her knowledge is so vast that sometimes even her father takes her opinion for effective line of treatment. She is expert in treating female disorders, joint pain, skin diseases, ulcerative colitis, IBS, liver and kidney disorder and many more. Her hand in panchakarma treatment is so good that one gets effective results within days for chronic disorders without any medication.

Dr.Vaidya Jagjit Singh a well-known Ayurvedic doctor having more than 45+ years of experience. He runs his own ayurvedic hospitals where he serves the people with purely ayurvedic medication. He is an internationally renowned Vaidya in the field of Ayurveda. Vaidya Jagjit Singh is not very much net savvy but due to his abilities, experience and knowledge in handling and managing the complicated diseases, he is always with us for the guidance in every typical case.


We all have heard about people getting inspiration from an actor or cricketer whom they have been watching for many years down the line. Actually, we all at one or another time have been fascinated by a particular character and wanted to like them but it’s one out million cases when we get inspiration from closed ones particularly from a blood relation. We have one of that one out of million stories. Vaidya Roopam Singh who were inspired by her father and brother, moreover her own life incident to choose correct path in her life. Born in a family of renowned physician Vaidya Gurbachan Singh and Vaidya Jagjit Singh, she was brought up under the environment of Ayurveda. This was not just a reason to choose Ayurveda as her career but one of her childhood event also molded her into a true believer of Ayurveda. Seeing her grandfather and father serving people and getting so many blessings from people she felt that she should make her career in ayurveda only. They gained so much respect and love from society.

Like every teenager, she was also fascinated by many things and has interest in joining journalism or in fashion designing. She called it off and soon joined BAMS course in Dayanand Ayurvedic c college Jalandhar. Having a convent background, it got tough for her to read Sanskrit Shaloks and learn their deep meanings but her father helped her to realize that Ayurveda is not just about physical well-being but has its roots in the eternal level of sustenance of living beings. Along with Ayurveda, she was always inclined towards literature and has been fascinated by great works. Likewise, she achieved excellence in the field of Ayurveda in many ways.

In CAC / Chandigarh Ayurved center, Vaidya Roopam Singh   is a consultant Ayurvedic Physician and guides to develop many herbal products for the production unit. She gives consultation in CAC on Weekends. She is one of the Best Ayurvedic Doctor from Chandigarh, North India.


  • To continuously add value through initiative, innovation and experience to my organization and its objective.
  • Respect people, healthy or ill, regardless of whom they are.
  • Support patients and their loved ones when and where they are needed.
  • Promote health as well as treat diseases.
  • Embrace the power of information and communication technologies to support people with the best available information, while respecting their individual values and preferences.
  • Always ask courteous questions, let people talk, and listen to them carefully.
  • Give unbiased advice to people participate actively in all decisions related to their health and health care, assess each situation carefully, and help however the situation.
  • Work cooperatively with other members of CAC team.
  • Being proactive advocates for their patients, mentor for other health professionals and ready to learn from others, regardless of their age, role, or status.


  • Clinic Address: Building No. 2003/9, Sector 32-C, Chandigarh – 160030)
  • Phone No.: +(91) – 9876990609, 0172-4632231
  • Professional E-mail ID: herbalcac@gmail.com(Please write attention Dr.Vaidya Roopam Singh in Subject line if you want Dr.Vaidya Roopam Singh to write to you directly)


  1. Doctor of Indian Medicine (BAMS-Ayurveda), Dayanand Ayurvedic college, Jalandhar Punjab
  2. MD in Panchakarma , Patajali Bhartiye Ayurvigyan evam Anusandhan Sansthan, Haridwar.


At CAC, Dr.Vaidya Roopam Singh is an Ayurvedic physician. She has guided to develop many herbal products for manufacturing units. She is a renowned Ayurvedic expert in Chandigarh. She has many patients visit her from all around the world on weakened. She is expert in Panchakarma, have upper hand in skin diseases, expert in female disorders like PCOD, endometriosis, cosmology, infertility, etc.


  • Honorary assistant professor at Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar in Panchakarma department
  • Handling 2 days OPD in Dayanand Ayurvedic Hospital, Jalandhar.
  • Internship to more than 100 Ayurvedic Graduates (who got training in Ayurvedic dispensaries of Jalandhar) under my supervision and guidance.
  • Co- guide for post graduate students in Guru Ravidas University.
  • Organized about a dozen camps in Yoga and Panchakarma in co-ordination with Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Jalandhar and Haridwar.
  • Visiting lecturer of Guest Faculty in Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar for overall enhancement of Ayurvedic education.
  • Conducted a Seminar and delivered lectures to British National Health Service Doctors on basic principles of Ayurveda and methods of Diagnosis and treatment according to Ayurveda and also introduced the Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants to the British Doctors.
  • For the awareness and cultivation of Medicinal Plants by the farmers, delivered a lecture on importance of herbs used in Ayurvedic System of Medicine in the regional Seminar on exploratory studies of herbs for farming organized by Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhadal, Punjab.
  • Delivered lectures on “Promotion of Ayurveda” and “Cure of Diabetes Mellitus in Ayurveda” at Continued Medical Education programs organized by the Ayurvedic Study Circle, Ludhiana.
  • For the promotion and popularization of Ayurveda, participated in more than two dozen Ayurvedic medical camps organized by Chandigarh Ayurvedic Medical Association.
  • Organized stall of CAC at Dayanand Ayurveda College on an occasion of Ayurveda Parav.
  • Organized camp at Dhanwantari College on 12 November, 2021.
  • She organized many camps and pre health checkup camps organized by CAC.
  • Attendant seminars all over India regarding Panchakarma and Ayurveda.
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