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Ayush Kwath


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Against disease-causing microorganisms, our immune system does a remarkable job and protects our body amazingly. But in a certain situation, it fails. The germ that causes diseases successfully enters into the body and makes a person sick. So in this condition, certain doubts arise i.e. is it possible to interfere in this process and build up an immunity? How one can improve our dietary system? How vitamins or herbal preparations help to build up the immune system? What changes in lifestyles are required for building up a perfect immune system?

To maintain a healthy body Ayurveda adopt a healthy way. The three energies known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are known as tridoshaj of the body. There is a theory of immunity known as beej bhumi theory in Ayurveda, which means seed and land. In this case, the land indicates the body while the infections are correlated with seeds. When there is an accumulation of ama in the body and there is a lack of ojas in the body, as the fertile land sprouts the seeds, in the same way, the infection will find the fertile ground in the same way.

The herbal decoction has advised by AYUSH Ministry union territories and states, to focus on commercial promotion in manufacturing the promotion which helps to boost the immunity of body amid COVID-19. said the formulation has the key interest in the promotion of health in masses by the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy)  which has been certified by India’s honorable prime minister. PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation for enhancing immunity and self-care by Ayurveda means.

The CAC has formulated Ayush kwath which consist of herbs Dalchini (cinnamon bark ), tulsi (basil leaves),  Sunthi (dry ginger powder) and Krishna Marich (black pepper) will be manufactured and given to patients in the generic name ‘Ayush Kwath’ or ‘Ayush Kudineer’ or ‘Ayush Joshanda’, as per a letter issued by the ministry to all the UTs/States and ASU drug manufacturers on 24 April. “IT IS CONSIDER THAT AYUSH KWATH HAS GREAT importance and helps to maintain health by boosting up the immunity in the outbreak spread of COVID-19, AYUSH ministry intends to endorse the use of ready-made Ayush formulation for health concerns.

The formulation made of herbs tulsi (basil leaves), Dalchini (cinnamon bark ), Sunthi (dry ginger powder) and Krishna Marich (black pepper) will be manufactured and sold in the generic name ‘Ayush Kwath’ or ‘Ayush Kudineer’ or ‘Ayush Joshanda’, according to a letter written by the ministry to all the States/UTs and ASU drug manufacturers on April 24. “Considering the importance of immunity-boosting measures in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, Ministry of AYUSH intends to promote the use of following ready-made Ayush formulation in the interest of health promotion of the masses, which has been endorsed by the Prime Minister during his address to the nation on the Constitution Day, April 14,” the ministry said.

As per the following reports coronavirus has been found to be fatal for a number of people of the world with weak immunity. There are many herbs in the traditional Ayurveda system that helps to boost immunity and prevent many diseases. The method of preparation is narrated by Ayush ministry. In the preparation firstly all ingredients are crushed and mixed in the form of tea bags of 3 gm or 500 gm of an extract of powder.  The formulation can also be taken by dissolving in hot water or in the form of a tablet.

According to health experts, while coronavirus reduces the immune system of the infected person, it has also been observed that mostly it targets people with low immunity. Expert advises if our immune system is improved and become stronger then the effect of infection REDUCES AND So as COVID 19.

States /UT governments are hereby requested to direct the Ayush licensing authorities to consider granting license/approval for manufacturing of above –mentioned formulation to the interested licensed Ayurveda/sidha/Unani drug manufacturers in accordance with the provision of drugs and cosmetics rules, 1945.

AIMIL pharma has already started the process of manufacturing “Ayush kwath”as per the ministry.


  • Bala – 50 mg
  • Mulethi    – 50 mg
  • Kali mirch – 50 mg
  • Lavang – 50 mg
  • Harar – 50 mg
  • Tulsi – 50 mg
  • Haldi – 50 mg
  • Giloy – 50 mg
  • Ashwagandha – 50 mg


Dissolve 3 gm powder (consist of all ingredients) in 150ml hot boiled water.

You can add gud or gur(jaggery)/draksha(resin) and lemon juice to it.

DOSAGE: One can consume 15 ml it once or twice daily to strengthen the immunity in the outbreak of COVID-19.

Home Remedies to build up Immunity:


Spinach is a fresh green vegetable that one can drink like a normal juice or smoothie, as a drink or as a juice. Vitamin C is also found in it, which works to increase immunity. Therefore, you too can consume it regularly.


For men, garlic is best, which is consumed to build up the immune system. It increases our immunity. For this, one can consume two cloves of raw garlic in the early morning, which will be helpful in building up the immunity of the person.

Vitamin D

Every day early in the morning after sunrise when rays emanating from the sun is their one can take vitamin D. Sun is considered to be the most potent source of Vitamin D. In its name, you also find its quantity in some other foods, but it is not considered as effective against or against sunlight. Absorption of vitamin D is also very important for strengthening the immune system, so get vitamin D by standing in the sun for at least 7 to 8 minutes every morning at sunrise.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been placed in the category of the most important vitamins to keep the immunity strong, which you can include in your diet. You can get it very easily through fruits like kiwi and lemon, which will strengthen your immunity actively.

  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Keep up with your vaccinations. Almost everyone who’s at least 6 months old should get a flu vaccine every year.
  • Keep your weight healthy.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Get the Nutrients You Need
  • Food is your best source. Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit, and split the other half between lean protein and grains.
  • Manage Your Stress: Everyone gets stressed. Short bursts of stress may help your immune system. But lasting stress is a problem. It can hamper your immune system.
  • You can take action to tame stress. Make these steps part of your stress management plan:
  • Learn and use relaxation techniques.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Build your support network of people you can talk to.
  • Consider counseling, especially when you’re going through a very stressful time.


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