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niruha vasti


This price is for 1 month medicine. Even you can buy for 7 or 15 days as per your convenience



Niruha vasti is one of the most important treatments amongst the five detoxifying – cleansing therapies. It helps in clearing the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract and is the best remedial solution for Vata dosha.

Procedure –The procedure starts when a patient is lying in a lateral position. Vasti dravyas are filled in the enema pot and air should be removed through tube and catheter. Lubricate the catheter with oil and insert it in the anus slowly and allow the Vasti dravya to pass through the anus without any disturbance. After basti karma, tell the patient for excretion. After that, the time taken for the expulsion of medicinal decoction is called ‘Vasti Pratyagamkaal’. It should be a minimum of 48 hours.

Benefits –

  • Prevents aging of the body
  • Promotes happiness, longevity, strength, agni, intellect, voice and complexion
  • Brings balance to the metabolism (cleanses dhatus)
  • It helps in curing all diseases
  • It promotes a robust body
  • It enriches semen and ovum
  • Cleans ama from the channels of the body

Facilities for IPD Patients –

  • Consultation with MD Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma procedures are done under his guidance
  • Well-Hygienic Accommodation
  • Daily Routine Examination
  • Daily two sittings of Panchakarma Therapies
  • Everyday all three Ayurvedic Meals are provided


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