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1.Back Care Tablet60 tablets
2.Nerve Up Tablet60 tablets
3.Panchsakar Churna1 bottle
4.Pain-O-Kill Oil2 bottle
5.Pain O Kill Tablet60 Tablets

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This kit Contains Following Ingredients

Praval Pisti

Shudh Kuchla

Shudh Shilajit

Shank Bhasm

Regular Use Helps in Treating Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Back pain

Cervical Pain



Any type of discomfort, from thoracic spine to the pelvis , can be described as Back ache. From moderate to severe, pain varies. Pain can occasionally make it difficult or impossible to sleep, walk, work or engage in other routine tasks.


Back ache can be brought on by variety of accidents, illnesses and disorders. They consist of :

  • Back strain and sprains
  • Injury to back
  • Disk problems such as degenerative disk disease, herniated disk etc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Spine tumors
  • Spondylolisthesis


The individual may experience following symptoms :

  • The pain is characterized as Dull ,Piercing or shooting , Burning ache
  • Back ache that come and goes
  • Worsening of pain when sitting or standing for prolonged time
  • Stiffness in back muscles
  • Pain that radiates from back to the legs or hips
  • Numbness or weakness in legs or feet
  • Pain increase with bending and lifting weight


In Ayurved, back pain is termed as Kati Graham or Kati Shoola. It is said to be caused due to the imbalance or vitiation of the Vata dosha. Ayurveda provide wide range of natural treatment for back pain. By combining herbal remedies, ayurveda helps to calm the agitated vayu and provide relief from the back ache.

Chandigarh Ayurved Centre’s ” Backache Care Kit” is purely herbal and Ayurvedic formulation. The medications helps to  pacify vata and also helps to improve overall health of the individual. The kit contain :

  • Back Care Tablet
  • Nerve Up Tablet
  • Panchsakar Churna
  • Pain-O-Kill Oil
  • Pain -O- Kill Tablet

All products description given in detail as below –

1. Nerve up tablet:

These tablets are pure ayurvedic formulation. Nerve up tablets help in balancing the vata doshas and kapha dosha. It acts as nervine stimulant. It shows effective results in improving the central nervous system. It contains natural ingredients like shudha kuchala, shudha shilajeet, praval pishti, shankh bhasma etc. This tablet helps in Backache, kneepain, headache, bronchitis, depression.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 tablet twice daily.

2. Back Care tablet:

Back Care tablet is an herbal and purely Ayurvedic formulation. This tablet helps by strengthening your back muscles in relieving back pain whether it be by sciatica, arthritis, kidney infections, infection of the spine and cancer of spinal cord. It helps to pacify Vata dosha and also helps in maintaining proper blood circulation. This is often used for mild to moderate pain all over the body and relaxes your muscles. It contains herbs that act as natural pain relievers.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 tablet twice daily.

3. Panchasakar Churna:

Panchsakar Churana is an Ayurvedic formulation that consists of five ingredients named as – Saindhavan Lavana – (Rock Salt), Swarnapatri – (Cassia angustifolia), Shatapushpa – (Anethum sowa), Shunti – (Zingiber officinale), Balaharitaki – (Unripe fruits of Terminalia chebula).Panchasakar Churna is naturally detoxifying, thus it removes the toxins from the body. The churna has an anti – inflammatory properties due to which it can reduces the swelling. It is also effective in reducing the weight, which can help to reduce the pressure on lumbar area.

Recommended DosageTake 1 teaspoonful with Luke warm water at bedtime.

4. Pain-O-Kill Oil:

This herbal oil contain ingredients like – Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata), Kustha (Saussurea lappa), Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Vatsnabh (Aconitum ferox), Devdaru (Cedrus deodara) etc. This oil is an Ayurvedic medicine which gives best result in all types of pain. It is beneficial for the muscle relaxant, sports injury, low back pain, weakness, etc. This oil has a good result in reducing the inflammation.

Method of Usage – It is applied on the affected portion of the body and massage with light pressure. Do this procedure twice a day.

5. Pain O Kill Tablet:

Pain o kill tablet is ayurvedic and purely herbal formulation. It help to relax your muscles and muscles cramps thus relieving pain. It balances all the three doshas of your body thus maintaining proper blood circulation. It provides soothing effect to the affected area of pain. It contains various herbs like Jivanti, Musta, Usher, Bilwa, Shatavri  and Kantakari. All these herbs are natural pain relievers.

Recommended DosageTake 1 tablet twice daily.



Clinically Tested

131 Years of Experience

No Habbit Forming

FDA & FSSAI Approved

Made in GMP Facilities


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