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Udvartana is an ayurvedic treatment based on powders composed of minerals, herbs and medicinal species. Although it is true that in the vast majority of abhyanga and other panchakarma treatments the use of medicated oils is essential, in certain cases, dry powder is much more useful and recommended to some patients. So, this type of abhyanga is given the generic name of the Udvartana massage.

Procedure – In Udvartana, dry powder abhyanga is done in such a way that we are elevating the hairs from a ‘downward-pointing direction’ and push them to change their direction and point upwards (the hairs come back to their normal position after the procedure is completed).

Benefits –

  • Liquefies the fat in the body and helps to eliminate it
  • Perform lymphatic drainage of the whole body
  • Reduces excess sweat, body odor and provides lightness to the body
  • Activates the metabolism and circulation
  • Reduces sagging and adds muscle tone

Packages for IPD Patients –

  • Consultation with MD Ayurvedic Physician
  • Well-Hygienic Accommodation
  • Daily Routine Examination
  • Daily two sittings of Panchakarma Therapies
  • All three Ayurvedic Meals


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